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Departure Ports of Cruises to Hawaiian Islands

There are 7 departure ports for cruises to Hawaii: Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, and Vancouver.

Honolulu: Cruises around the Hawaiian islands depart from Honolulu all year round.

China: One cruise line offers a cruise to Hawaii from Hong Kong.

Los Angeles: Princess offers many round-trip cruises from LA to Hawaii. Carnival also has cruises.

New York: Cruise all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands.

New Zealand: One-way and round-trip cruises across the Pacific.

Papeete: Cruise from Tahiti to Hawaii directly or as a stop on a longer journey.

San Diego: Holland America Line has long round-trip cruises from San Diego to Hawaii and the South Pacific.

San Francisco: Round-trip cruises to Hawaii on Princess and Carnival.

Sydney: Princess offers three long round-trip cruises from Australia to Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Tokyo: A long cruise from Japan to Hawaii, Alaska and the South Pacific.

Vancouver: Five cruise lines offer cruises from Canada to Hawaii.

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