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5 Best Hawaiian Cruise Reviews

We found the best Hawaii cruise reviews for your information and enjoyment. These are the most recent, useful and entertaining articles out there.

1. Pride of America Hawaiian cruise review. A terrific in-depth article from Miles Geek about a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line out of Honolulu. 7 parts! Lots of large photos. A family's (2 adults, 1 boy) coverage of the ship, food, and their activities each day of the week cruise.

2. Carnival Hawaii cruise review from Ray's Cruise Blog (his 109th cruise). January cruise from Los Angeles on Carnival Cruise Line. A very complete review with embarkation, ship highlights, tips for things to do, food, and suggestions for shore excursions on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Hilo and Kona.

3. Holland America Hawaii and Tahiti cruise video. YouTube video with fun footage of the departure from San Diego, hula lessons on board, shows, and shore excursions in Hawaii. On premium Holland America Line. It's not a traditional review but you'll learn a lot by watching.

4. Celebrity Cruise to Hawaii review. A 10-minute YouTube video of a cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii on stylish Celebrity Cruises. Many scenes around the ship and the stops on Hawaiian islands.

5. Princess Hawaiian cruise review. A video review of a 2022 cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii on Princess Cruises. Lots of info on what to do at all the ports.

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